Thursday, September 23, 2010

New To Linux?

It is interesting to me how many people are interested in using Linux now...
Whether they have an old machine they want to revive, need to retrieve files that will not boot up in another operating system, or for the reason I really love...they want a solid system that is not prone to Spyware/Malware/Virus and puts fun back into computers for free.

I use three of the most widely known operating systems...all for different reasons...
Windows - Testing/Work Related Applications/Gaming

OSX - iTunes/iPhoto/iMovie/iChat/Final Cut/Some Gaming

Linux - Everyday use - Chatting/Email/Browsing/IRC/Developing/Gaming/Testing

So as you can see in comparison, I am pretty neutral across the board when it comes to computers and their usage.  I would recommend them all to anyone depending on your needs.

Reasons to give Linux a whirl:
1. You are broke $$
2. You cannot afford to buy a new machine for Windows 7 and your current system is running at snail speed.
3. You just bought a netbook that came with Windows 7 Starter and you cannot even change your background :) and you think...maybe I should have a little more freedom than this :D
4. You are tired of having to $$ buy $$ every application you need for your computer.

The following is my recommendation for most newer computers:
Linux Mint Main Edition
First off it's beautiful. It comes with Adobe Flash pre-installed as well. You can have a fully Internet/Work readily machine up and running in under 15 minutes easy.

For Netbooks:
Peppermint OS is a very lightweight Operating System that will get your Netbook hopping like it should in no time...very easy to install and setup.

Again these are my recommendations for new users to Linux. There are many other Linux Distros that I do enjoy however may involve more experience with Linux. So if you ever have any questions about getting started with Linux or want to just get to know a great community
1. Download Xchat at
2. Join Server
3. Join the channel #linuxmint-help
4. Get to know us and start asking questions to learn about this great Operating System :D

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