Tuesday, February 28, 2012


About a year ago a friend of mine, Ikey Doherty, shared hopes of creating a distribution of Linux that would offer a very modern feeling desktop to the user while keeping the size of the operating system footprint in mind. While keeping slim SolusOS still offers out of the box flash, dvd, music, and applications that are comfortable for all.

I have always been a strong advocate of using Debian Linux.  After installing this operating system, which was created straight from Debian, I fell in love with it immediately. One of the best things that Ikey and his team have done is dealt with dependency issues. Since these are resolved for me, along with other subtleties, I was able to install and start enjoying my experience with SolusOS right away. As a matter of fact, everything worked out of the box. 

Given the experience and track record of excellence, hard work and determination that I have witnessed over the years from Ikey Doherty, it was a no-brainer for me that this would be an operating system that was dependable and would excel in performance above others in this field of competition. Here are some images of my adventure with this much anticipated distribution release. Again, thank you to all who where involved in the creation of this distro. It shows...not only does it show, but it shines.....Shine on!

Jamie Newton

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