Tuesday, March 6, 2012

I Love Circles, So Say We All

Have you ever wondered why you don't see any of your friends on G+? Wait, whats G+? Oh yeah, I mean Google Plus.

Google Plus has definitely become a higher traffic site for those who esteem themselves as tech/sci-fi enthusiasts. From developers, programmers, coders, techies, support, program compilers, you name it: ________________.

I hear people saying that G+ isn't catching on...for a lot of people that use G+, that is a good thing :)

There is nothing wrong with a social network for family pictures, celebrations, conversations with your Mother, Grandmother, their Grandmother or those people you befriended and didn't quite remember how you knew them. But for the moments when I am wanting to enjoy sharing computer thoughts, code, projects, tech talk...I break away like a ninja and run to my Circles at G+.

If you are interested in G+, and want to see it become more like Facebook one day, then I am sure you are right along with sharing Google's sentiments on that issue. I am sure that is what they would like to see as well.

But for the moment, it seems that a lot of people that don't want Farmville requests constantly prodding their brains, Embarrassing pictures posted on their walls, or endless pictures of brooms standing by themselves are making their way over to Google Plus in search for a newer kind of social media experience.  The techie in me finds solace in a social network that revolves in circles.  Are you in my Circles? Goto http://plus.google.com and find out :)

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