Wednesday, April 18, 2012

My Runometer Just Blew Up!

I never have been much for least not since elementary's been a while. Well, I decided I would start working out and 'running' to get in better shape before I go to Uganda at the end of May.  I started walking.  But it wasn't long until my walking turned into a light jog and then I would stop and walk.
Now I still stop and walk every once in a while but I definitely have been getting the time in and not to mention the miles in. Here are my stats so far:
Not the best in the world...and I am no marathon runner nor am I preparing for one...But I am glad to see that I am sticking with a goal to help get me in better shape...Now sometimes I will run twice a day...If I am sitting in my house for too long my legs start telling me they want to run...This is a sensation I don't recall ever feeling...And when I run now in the mornings....I don't have to stop because it is cooler and I have no problems.  

In just a short time of being consistent and getting up and out and actually doing it, I have seen great improvements in the way I feel when I wake up in the energy has increased and of course my waist size is going down! I use the Nike+ GPS app because it monitors my runs and I can see what I have done and how I have improved...I have no regrets about what I have done so far and plan on keeping up the  hard work so I can keep with my 3 kids :)

Click to see an example of the GPS results:

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