Friday, April 13, 2012

Seductive Sugar

If for no other reason than an encouraging word to myself down the road, I would like to write up an article on healthy living.  Eating right and exercising! That's right! Why is it so hard to do you ask yourself...I ask myself the same thing often.  I know exactly why it is hard for me. I am addicted to food. Mainly sugar.

I was held in captivity to sugar. The more I ate the more I was hungry for more. And sadly enough, I felt worse the more I ate. What is it about sugar that feeds our flesh so much that we could knowingly kill our bodies in the process?

I don't smoke because I know the repercussions that would have on my lungs and my health. I don't drink because 1) Scripture says not to, 2) it has obvious negative consequences to my mind and my health (liver).
Then, why oh why would I ingest on average 55 lbs. of sugar a year?  Wow what a set tastes so good.

It reminds me of how Satan tempted Eve in the Garden of Eden. Obviously we know that fruit has sugar in ironic that the same thing he tempted Eve with is what he is killing us with on a daily basis. Our bodies can't handle it and we all know it.

I try to remind myself of these things as I opt for a healthier meal with benefits for my body.  I work out to build a stronger body that can be used to glorify the Lord and encourage others. I drink plenty of water to purify my system that God has created in me so that I will live to be able to minister at an older age and be able to play with my Great Grand kids unless Jesus comes back first :)

For me, tomorrow is too late to start on this path. Now is the time. Now is the time for a change.

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