Wednesday, May 2, 2012


I used to want to have something like this in browser...I thought I would get it with Evernote...Evernote is a very nice tool no doubt, but when I met springpad everything I wanted was simplified. It was as though they had exactly the same thought process as me on this.
The fact that it is an easy way to store and save ideas, clips, anything in a simple to see format and you can pull them all up right there in browser without leaving the page you are on is amazing...

I find myself often seeing something I want to listen to, read or view later on and this just makes it very easy for me. For writers, may I make this suggestion, I use this as a scratch pad as I am surfing the internet and if I run across a concept I may want to incorporate into a story I am working on, or if something I see triggers a thought from my past, etc. I make a note of it right then and there and then I have a whole group of saved ideas that there is no way I would have saved any other way.

It's just too fast and simple not to do it...and it's free :)

Add To Chrome Right Now!

Google Drive On iOS

Wouldn't you know it, Google is sharing the cloud with us...I for one will be taking advantage of this space for one great reason! Writing...As soon as the Google Drive App comes to iOS then I will be able to write on my iPad and my iPhone any time I want to anywhere.  Just to think that I will never have to worry about having my documents with me anymore. This concept is not entirely new with former experiences with applications/clouds such as DropBox and SkyDrive. But I am excited that this is integrated with Google's wonderful ability to integrate everything they do into the Chrome is simply wonderful.

I will be posting as soon as the App is released! Be looking for it! I can't wait!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Do Diet Sodas Cause Weight Gain?

Good stuff...I try to only drink one diet soda a day and then drink water all the other times...