Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Speed Up Mutt Inbox

I use mutt as my mail client of choice in terminal.

You can pretty much find very easily information about how to set mutt up to work with Gmail and many other options. But I noticed that my Inbox was taking a very long time to actually receive emails and also I had no way of knowing when an email came in...I finally ran across an answer and wanted to make a note on my blog to always reference back to and also to share with anyone who is running across this issue in mutt and would like a solution.
Go into your .muttrc file and add the following lines for an improvement to your mutt experience.

set timeout=10           # mutt 'presses' (like) a key for you (while you're idle)
                                 # each x sec to trigger the thing below
set mail_check=5       # mutt checks for new mails on every keystroke
                                 # but not more often then once in 5 seconds
set beep_new             # beep on new messages in the mailboxes

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